Discover your deepest state of relaxation

Panoramic sauna

The only sauna in the country with panoramic views. It is a dry heat bath at a very high temperature with minimal ambient humidity, which is used for therapeutic purposes.

Pinares Aqua Spa Private ®

New, unique and dreamed. In our Deluxe Premium rooms, you can enjoy a relaxing massage and beauty treatments from the comfort of your room in this new concept.

Massage and beauty treatments

Finnish bath - steam

It works with moist heat, its moisturizing action cleanses and softens the skin, making it smooth and elastic.


Relaxation room

We invite you to discover your deepest state of relaxation, focusing on the perfect harmony of your five senses.


Fitness Center

Fully equipped, and designed for you to continue with your training routine: combining health and well-being.

Sustainable Gym

To carry out your training routine outdoors, in a completely natural environment.